Pussy DeMunchon
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When she was young Pussy DeMunchon wanted to run away and join the circus. She had an affinity for the grand spectacle and all things over the top. She quickly learned that life under the Big Top was not for her. Less “Carnival” and more “ICP”. ::shudder:: But her time in the three rings was not wasted as she learned to sew for no other purpose than to create the ridiculous costumes which clouded her mind.

Pussy DeMunchon’s love of the grand spectacle found its true calling in the form of Burlesque. She adored watching the glamorous women from days gone by who embodied mystique, grace and humor. Blaze Star, Lily St Cyr, and Sally Rand were some of her first heroines. The Neo-Burlesque movement fascinated her even if she felt she would never have a place in it as she didn’t look like the majority of the women she saw on stage. However rules are made to be broken! So she founded The Big Girl Burlesque! A group of body positive, self confident women that know you don’t have to look like Lily St Cyr to make folks drool. As Dita Von Tease says “Glamor isn’t about shape or size, you don’t have to be pretty to have it, anyone can create it.” Challenge accepted!

Pussy DeMunchon has the humor, she’s got the mystique…and well…she’s working on the grace.